The Six Step Selling Cycle 

The Reseller Sales Enablement Cycle is an expanded, value-forward approach that spans the cycle from preparation to implementation. Comstor has built strategic partnerships with vendors, specialists and providers to help you during every stage of the selling cycle. In each step of your sales cycle you will find products, selling tools, technical expertise, integration support and financial services, in a variety of markets and technologies.  Six-Step-Selling Cycle


  • Opportunity Identification / Sales Enablement
    Sales Enablement provides you with the market and technology tools and services required to identify and access (market) opportunities.


  • Business Value / Solutions Enablement
    Solutions Enablement identifies the business problem and how to address it and by doing so, helping you to accelerate the deployment of new opportunities. And this will support you in differentiating yourself and establish business and technical credibility with your customers.


  • Services Enablement
    Services Enablement covers 3 main areas: professional, financial and logistical services. All of these will help you to distinguish your offerings and augment your capabilities to ensure successful, profitable and recurring project revenue, while optimising resources.


  • Execution Enablement / Go to Market
    The Go-to-Market optimisation step puts you in the best position to win in the market place. By supplementing your capabilities, the tools of the sales cycle help you to identify and close sales opportunities.

How do we do that? First we analyse the steps of the sales cycle:


Step 1: Preparation:

Start of strong with completing training, certification and the
right combination of skills and talents. Getting ready to be able to sell in a particular market place or technology. Targeted training events ensure you have the foundation you need to better understand the (advanced) technology solutions you are positioning and selling. 



Step 2: Approach:

Starting to understand where your opportunity is and identify those end customers who have a need for the kind of technology you want to sell. Comstor's integrated marketing and focused communications will help you to reach the right audience with a powerful, high-impact message designed to distinguish you from the competition.



Step 3: Discovery:

Does your end customer have budget? Do they have a problem you want to solve and make money with? Will they walk away understanding you are their best business partner to team with? 

Market intelligence, industry and product analysis will position you to gain a competitive advantage.



Step 4: Solution Design:

Your core strength. Comstor can help you translate the information gained during the discovery phase into a solution. Take advantage of our pre-sales service and support as you create a comprehensive multi-vendor solution.



Step 5: Presentation: 

also known as Negotiation phase, where you go back to your end customer to present the complete project. By offering a well organised and thorough solution that is based on information gleaned in the previous stages, you are sure to present your customer with an offering that directly addresses their needs.



Step 6: Implementation:

You won the order and looking for assistance in your process of implementing the project and collecting money. Comstor has complete implementation and post-sales services that can help ensure your customer is satisfied during and after the installation, and pays you fast. We can also help facilitate regular communications and follow-up services with your customers after the solution is deployed.


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