IT Challenges


Attendance: End Users, Resellers, System Integrators

Meet the Experts - Discover how it will impact your business

KEYNOTE Session by DELOITTE about 'The Internet of Things'
How will our IT/Work environment look like in a near future?
10 billion devices are connected on the internet. In 2020 it will be multiplied by 5.

BREAK-OUT Session by VENDORS and WESTCON specialists.
During the sessions we will tackle different area:

  • Data Center
  • Networking
  • Security
  • UCC

Data Center - Converged Infrastructure Solutions | How CI Solutions for SMB will support your business. Reduce deployment time, unified management, project risk and cost of IT

Networking - Next Generation Wi-Fi

Security - Apps Security, Increased Virtualization & Cloud Services, Internet Of Things (IOT), Cyber Defense Services

Unified Communication & Collaboration - How secure is SIP Trunking?
SBC for remote devices | WebRTC - What is it and how it impacts video/voice?

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Location: Bowling Stones Congress Center, Steenweg op Brussel 397, 1780 Wemmel



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